About Our Listings Pages

I want to tell you about recent changes to our Listings Pages. Our listings are being served to the Perlmutter Properties website by QuantumListing.com. Until very recently, we were serving our listings by creating the listing pages directly on perlmutterproperties.com.  This was fine, however, it resulted in less frequent updates to our listings because of a more cumbersome and expensive process that involved our getting in touch with our marketing person who then sent the changes to the coder.

Now, we can update our listings on the QuantumListing site, and they are automatically implemented on our site by using the sharing widget from our QuantumListing Profile page. There are also several ways that we can have our listings shown on the Perlmutter Properties website, and it only has our branding when you look at it.

We have a list view in which we’ve created a categorized list with links to each of our listings. When you click on the name of the listing, it brings you to a page specifically for that listing.

 By using the listing report sharing widget, you can create pages for your listings by asset class, if the asset is for lease or sale, or by state (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut). It is very flexible, and the possibilities for how you choose to use these features are limitless.

Depending on your technical familiarity, comfort level and type of website you have, you may need to have your web consultant help you implement these different types of solutions. Perlmutter Properties website is built with WordPress, and with my limited ability, I have been able to copy the code from the widgets at QuantumListing.com and deploy it on Perlmutter Properties without outside help.

In addition to its ease of implementation, you’ll find that this is a very economical solution. QuantumListing offers this service as part of its regular Premium Membership, which is just $79.99/year for Individual users, or $899.99/year for Enterprise users. Check out QuantumListing’s Features and Pricing chart HERE.